Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And so to bed..

...had another wobbly day today. Didn't quite get the vertigo like last week (must have been in sympathy with you H.O.) but head just all jangly like a snow storm whenever too much information had to be processed instantaneoulsy - e.g. if *someone* wanted to talk none-stop for three days without drawing breathe and then *someone's* Dad tried talking at the same time whilst putting some Qur'an on AND whirring a spinning machine and Jaws squealing like a pig at an abbatoir at the top of his lungs. At those particular moments (which happen with alarming regularity) I feel like one of those cartoons who has just smashed their heads against a wall thus turning their entire skull into a huge tuning fork making the "dooooooooooooooing" effect. That's me.

Didn't help that Boss kneed me in the head at full pelt either.

Anyway, Boss asked to do more knitting, so before bed he did some finger knitting by himself then asked to do some more weaving. The weaving is plodding along slowly, but I showed him our persian rug in the living room (makes me sound rich that doesn't it? I'm not - it was a generous gift off someone whose DH sold rugs) and showed him how that had been woven and how long it took the people to make it and how their hands and backs hurt from sitting over the work all day every day. He was really inspired and did three more lines!!

The thicker wool is working much better than the cheaper, thinner stuff we have been using and I may try to get a smaller weaving project for him to work on with it so that he finds some satisfaction from finishing a project rather than having one endlessly *there*.

If the weather breaks through tomorrow would like to goto NA again.

Parents coming down at the weekend so wahey! - another round of supermarket shopping this week before they get here. I think they should rename Tescos "the torture chamber", which is what it is for anyone with kids who insist on *touching* EVERYTHING on the shelves.... bliss....


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