Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Well, lookie what *I* got...

OK, today it was raining and boredom/stress levels were dangling ready to pounce. Boss was most upset to learn that we would not be going into the garden, or to Activity World *or* to Aunty M's, or in fact leaving the house in any shape or form. In fact he pulled his sad-puppy-eye face and tried to make himself cry. I told him to can it or I'd go back to bed to sleep. He took one look at me and realised I was speaking the truth so stood at the window and watched traffic. Again. However, today was the day when, through the eery fog and miserable rain, a death coach - an old-fashioned herse-coach and horse contraption with horses wearing morbid black feathers and two ghost-like men with ugly black top hats sitting holding their reigns, clip-clopped past in an odd Jonathon Creek-ish type march past our house disappearing into the fog at the roundabout at the end of our road.

Boss' reaction??


His fear was only abated when I told him the man was dead and was being put into the ground to go back to Allah to answer for his deeds. "So he not coming back then?" was the relieved reply.

Bleeding well hope not.

LMM - did you get the comment on your blog about the dishwasher? Hubby getting some tested today for you and will tell me tomorrow insha'allah the cost.
HO - ditto but with the fax machine. He says there are some really professional ones he has landed (I think from BakerPerkins but not sure), which although don't have a portable phone you could just buy one of those plug-in sockets depending on which would be more useful (either double phone socket or double phone with modem if yo have dial-up) and just keep your old phone. I think he was saying some of the fax machines can be run through the PC but I wasn't listening to him by this point. Anyway, insha'allah you too should know tomorrow if they are working etc. OK?

Right. Well the AC unit my hubby was working on didn't pan out after all due to the Laws of Physics (damn them) which meant it is literally physically and mathematically impossible to run an AC unit without an outlet pipe (thus meaning we'd have to open the window for it - defeating the purpose, or putting a hole in the wall - not our house and can't be bothered getting the permission to do that. Which wouldn't happen). So, undeterred, my hubby got me THIS instead:

He's an African boy and doesn't need fans but got this just to stop me whining. It's quieter than any other fan we have and, well, kids can't trap their fingers in it. It reminds me of all my Dad's photos of his Mum and Dad in Singapore - some dingy, mosquito-infested rat hole before the days of real cooling systems. But it really does the job masha'allah!! So, that's kept me quiet.

On an education front we did squaddly today. As usual. Play-doh, half-hearted painting, half-hearted gluing and pasting, half-hearted everything. He proudly tells me he knows all his letters now. I need to be persistent in that every day I want some skill work going on - even for 5 minutes - you know, holding the pen, learning a letter, remembering a number - it all goes in and should make it easier later on insha'allah.

LeapPad still a big hit masha'allah. I'm wondering if I've just installed a TV replacement though?! Hm... oh well, like Hubby says, I'd be hacked off if he never played with it. But the background music is annoying me somewhat. In fact, it's in my head 24/7. I dream with this background music now. What to do?

Anyway, here's praying for garden weather tomorrow!!!


At 8:48 pm, Blogger khadijah said...

well, now i know what time *you* were up, because i also saw mentioned horses. it has been bothering me a lot, so not surprised your ds was freaked.
glad you saw it though, was wondering if i was losing it.
can you phone me please?

At 9:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salam,Spoke to dh and we decided to wait for dishwasher as not to keen to buy a second hand one as my dad had a nasty experience with his.Thanks for looking into it for me and i hope i have not wasted your hubby's time.Does boss like coming here?Why don't you bring him more often he played really well with saf.lmm

At 10:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just thinking.Maybe you and k could get your hubbys to either drop you or pick you up 4 mud pud and then club together and get a 7 seater taxi the other way,is that enough seats?


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