Monday, September 05, 2005

Rant type thang going on

I don't have much time anymore so I'll make this quick. It's a bitchfest so those with weak stomachs look away now.

OK. Still feeling dizzy/concussed/sea-sick. Still need du'a. Went for blood tests. Hospital smells of stale urine. I know that because I have kids. I am ashamed to be English on days like this. America have such sparkling hospitals that, you know, you feel safe to go *in* them. Their hospitals are so clean that they CURE you of germs rather than infect you with them. Took Jaws with me; had I been Catholic I would have made the sign of the cross over my body before stepping foot in there; but made du'a we'd make out alive anyway. Too many people in there speak bad English (or good English with such lousy accents) that I don't understand what is going on. Hoping the lady who took my blood was a nurse and not the cleaner. She could have been the cleaner. Maybe she was bored and tried her luck on the nurses lunch break.

Left blood place with blood POURING down my arm. But you know, I'm busy so I didn't go back to ask them to stitch my arm back on. It's OK now, but my clothes look a bit like I was hacked to pieces in an abbatoir. But I wasn't. So...

Anyway. I am very dazed and confused. Is this normal. Have so many things to do and things I want to do that I'm frustrated alot of the time. Things like putting the laundry away need three days planning. Why are you going "yeah right"?? I'm totally serious. Getting out of the house seems an untenable proposition.

Baby awake; I have to go scream now...


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