Saturday, January 28, 2006

Castles and Knights

and things like that. Don't know if its very Waldorf but we seem to be having a Knights and Castles theme here triggered by Nasira's castle project. After finding a good book on castles Boss was interested, my interest was piqued and all of a sudden I'm finding knights and castles every-goddam-where. Bought him some Papo knights for Eid and safe to say since we have learned that Knights killed people for a living and didn't get told off for it, they are our heroes. Ties in nicely with fairy-tale and lots of mythology too. Want some good King Arthur stories for kids in hard-copy soon.

Anyway. Jousting. We like that too. You get to hurt people in a legitimate manner. If you too have a child into all things medieval then this is what we like so far:

We like playing the Joust game
Knebworth is having a jousting tournament on 16th and 17th April click here
Whilst Blenheim Palace are staging another Jousting Tournament by "The Knights of Royal England" click here
Want to visit THIS too.

Does anyone know if Castle Rising "does stuff"?


At 8:26 pm, Blogger LMM said...

They have Robin Hood plays in the summer evenings and Medieval days too.We went to one last year and they were all dressed up in armour and fighting with swords,Very entertaining ,the girls loved it and J has never looked back.He even sleeps with his sword??The people dress in medieval kit(lovely, friendly characters) and cook and sew and play music according to medieval times.Very interestingly they were playing an instrument that originated from Bagdad(or that was what Bilal told them)..

At 8:29 pm, Blogger 4 girls and 3 boys said...

If you live anywhere near Leeds Royal Armouries they do jousting in their tilt yard and other re-enactments on horsback ( lovely horses and knights aren't bad either lol). Also have loads of castle stuff inside including life sized tournament tents and knights on horseback, armour -the works. My son loved it and wants to go back asap. He came home with a full sized wooden halberd and looked like the grim reaper on the train.

At 9:05 pm, Blogger merry said...
Have you found this?

Belvoir castle does good stuff :)

At 10:43 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

hm, we passed Belvoir castle on our way to Nottingham castle. Wished we'd turned off at Belvoir instead. If I can face that A52 road again I might visit there this spring.

At 10:44 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

ooo, better get driving and then we will do tours of these places together? i want to do knights in an attempt to put their enthusiasm for fighting to good use!?! if that's possible.

then we make swords insha'Allah!

At 10:45 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

we must be on a close wave

At 10:50 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Or nursing insomniac babies?!

At 11:16 am, Blogger Qalballah said...

I was thinking about Leeds actually. Would love to get up there again. LOL about grim reaper.

Does Castle Rising have an events listing anywhere?

No Merry didn't find that! Oops. How could I forget to scour *your* stuff before wasting my time on the big wide web! Excellent resources as usual. Big thankyou for that :)

OOh Belvoir have jousting as well... and archery things... hmm... lovely jubbly.


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