Saturday, February 18, 2006

Been scouring MereIslam again after a long time. Found this.

These cartoons don't defend free speech, they threaten it
Simon Jenkins

Excerpt: "Civilisation is the story of humans sacrificing freedom so as to live together in harmony. We do not need Hobbes to tell us that absolute freedom is for newborn savages. All else is compromise...Speech is free only on a mountain top; all else is editing...We do not go about punching people in the face to test their commitment to non-violence."

Danes Finally Apologize to Muslims (But for the Wrong Reasons)

Excerpt: “You can curse the Prophet of the Muslims at will and with total impunity. However, approach the holocaust at your own risks and perils…There is a word for this in the English language: hypocrisy…This whole affair is nothing but an over-reaction to a simple cartoon, you say? Not if you remember a certain other cartoon that appeared in the British newspaper, The Independent, on 27 January 2003. It depicted Prime Minister Sharon of Israel eating the head of a Palestinian child while saying: "What's wrong? You've never seen a politician kissing babies before?" Jews in Britain and around the world erupted with indignation…Muslims deserve nothing more nor less than for Christians in the U.S. and Europe, and Zionist Jews in Israel, to simply abide by the golden rule: treat others as you would have others treat you. So far, Christians and Zionist Jews have proven that they only abide by the alternative definition of this rule: ‘They who have the gold, make the rule.’”

And finally:

Sky News
The parents of a Palestinian boy killed by Israeli soldiers have donated his organs to three Israeli children.

Go and check his blog out. He's a wealth of information. Mere Islam.


At 12:47 am, Blogger Elder Faery said...

The thing about Danes, cartoons etc. I'm living in Denmark during this time, and if there's one good thing that will come out of this it will be that maybe someone else in Europe will finally notice that Denmark is a racist hotbed..and anyone who is 'different' here or non-Danish is suffering. I'm sorry, but in Denmark, these cartoons were not just about Islam, they were about the fact that this place has one of the most right wing governments in Europe and the people voted it in. The police all carry guns. People here who are not racist are being crushed by the many that are. I've had enough. It's not about being one religion or another it's about intolerance, generally. The Danes that voted the government in and feel threatened by people who are different to themselves will never truly apologise. I'm here, my kids are here, we want to get out, but we also want to stay here and change this sh**! right wing place. The cartoons were not just about Islam, it's just that the Danish press use Islam as a target again and again. It's also about people who won't allow anybody else to have their own beliefs. If you want, you can read my post about my strange day today and my encounters with riot police and a small group of teenagers who tried to protest about racism. This is a cry for help re: Danes/cartoons/etc. There's more to this issue than meets the eye..or the English newspapers and commentators. We're living it. I've been told to "..F off back to where you come from!" several times since I came here, simply because I am not 'normal' (i.e: Danish). OOps, I'm getting upset on someone elses comment box (again), But you have to agree if we're talking about the cartoons...we might as well talk about them.


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