Thursday, February 16, 2006


Went to the park - really beautiful day masha'allah and full of kids because of halfterm. Usually a bit wary of going to the park as I have felt uncomfortable there alone - just me and someone walking their dog. Last time I ventured there alone (before Jaws) some bloke just stood right next to me and Boss and stared at us. Freaky.

But today it was nice. Muddy, but nice.

He played with three brothers and it was heart-warming to see him role-playing and inventing real games and joining in without stupidity. I got chatting to their mum and it turns out she is also homeschooling her kids too. Small world. Very nice lady who knew her stuff. Hope to meet her again soon.

Then Boss fell in the mud AGAIN. In fact, 'fell' would not do justice to the monumental incident - he kind of ran in slow motion across the playground, before trying to stop midway thus launching himself into the biggest skid I have seen in a long while, before landed on his back in the biggest, wettest, muddiest puddle there. Trust him. Another car seat needing washed..

Oh well.

Jaws managed to scream like he was on fire in the car. Again. You know you hear of other people who say things like "he just wouldn't sleep, so we had to put him in the car to get him to nod off". Ha. Ha. If I tried that on Jaws I think the experience would send him into having a seizure he hates the car so much.

But tough. I've been without one for nearly seven years and if he thinks I'm going to give it up now he can forget it. Hurts the ears though.

Then I we get home and I manage to kill a friendship with just about the one person I have ever truly respected. Well done Debbie. Then I ponder over what value life is and what I actually do to make other peoples' lives better. Not a lot. V. depressing day all in all.
Been thinking about socialising aspect of HE again. Its the only thing that makes me question HE as I know Boss would love school for the amount of nutters it would introduce him to.... I grew up an army kid and every once in a while either my friends had to leave (because Daddy was posted somewhere) or I did, and the transcience of those relationships had a negative affect on me. My sister on the other hand never experienced this lifestyle and has the same friends she had since she was four. Which I find weird. But no, that's normal. The only friend I maintained contact with (a friend since I was nine) dumped me when I converted to Islam as she "hated God and don't want anything to do with people who believe in Him". So there.
Pondering on the insularity this lifestyle inculcated me with. I wish I was more like my DH. I mean, OK he muddles things up and sulks for Britain sometimes but he has a lovely heart - a big softy and he loves Allah and His messenger (saw) sincerely - he would never hurt a fly. I don't know. Any tips - what softens hearts? Or do I know the answer to that one already?


DH just read Boss a bedtime story - the Three Billy Goats Gruff - except he kept calling the middle one, "Middle Aged Billy Goat Gruff". So now he thinks there is Middle Aged Billy Goat Gruff and a Doyouthinktheysaurus in popular parlance.... what are we doing????


At 8:26 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Wasn't much of a friend if she dumped you for that... no loss then.. cheers for readin' my blog...less lonely that way...updated what happened earlier...might have a chance of helping the guy...hope so... My personal Management was a bit wary when I became a shop she's seen how much I like helping people she's quite chuffed I think.

What softens hearts?... just be you and the one's that count will be there....


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