Wednesday, February 15, 2006


we went to The Museum and they had a half term week on and we discovered various gadgets and gizmos. It was a great morning out all in all. The displays were really good, the gadgets were entertaining and sparked a fair amount of interest, and upstairs one of the museum staff had dressed up as a Roman Soldier and had a really excellent rapport with the kids. There was armour to try on and he was very helpful and let us take photographs too. This has moved us on from merely being interested in knights and Kings into being VERY interested in Roman Soldiers and gladiators in particular.

They had an under-fives room with a sand pit and dinosaurs and stuff, and Boss had a good play with another boy his age and although they assed about and had a good giggle I was relieved to see he has settled down and didn't do anything anti-social. He seems to be a normal boy after all - phew! I think, had this been a school environment that these two would have been really good friends - hit it off straight away. My only regret about homeschooling...

Then we went to MotherCare and bought some hats reduced from £6 to 90p! Good job all round. Then we came home and researched Roman Soldiers and more dinosaurs. I am becoming quite good at dinosaurs now - tried to crack the joke with Boss about the paranoid dinosaur Doyouthinktheysaurus. But he didn't get it. Now he thinks there is a dinosaur called Doyouthinktheysaurus.... ho hum.

Anyway piccies of The Museum



A watchamacallit

Gears. Glad I didn't waste my money on this after all


We could all use one of these, surely?

How we used to live. We have better roads now.

A Doyouthinktheysaurus

And his cousin Imsuretheysaurus

He thought this was a real mammoth. Yes I do home educate my kids...

Elephant head. Mmm. Lovely. He liked this.

Dead bloke. Having real issues with things like this actually - putting bodies on display. Good photo though eh?

Viking Ken

Roman soldier who frightened Boss ;-)


At 9:12 pm, Blogger 4 girls and 3 boys said...

All looks vaguely familar lol. Maybe cos the how we used to live photo looks like my son's Warhammer set. My two youngest are into Romans as well.

At 11:37 pm, Blogger Allie said...

Looks like a good museum. Our dd loves pulleys - she'd be happy there.


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