Saturday, February 25, 2006


Life's a blur. What have I done since Wednesday? Oh Doctors and then Nas brought her children over for ritual slaughtering by my son.

Docs just handed out the happy pills *keep them coming and see me smiling ... except when I'm due, obviously* and told me to come back after two months (will be on these babies for six months and I am so OK with that), but if anything should happen, come back sooner.... Why did I get the music from the shower-scene in "Psycho" running in my head when she said that? Hm.

In light of how Boss has to be the biggest/strongest/cleverest/bestest boy in the world universe of all time, Friday basically was a moanfest of me peeling my son off other peoples' darling children and placing him either in his room or in the corner. I did not want to humiliate him, but when you start the day off trying to gouge a lump of muscle out of somebody's arm with a triceratops then needless to say the day ahead does not look good. I hardly spoke two words to Nas all morning and spent the entire visit refereeing a cross between a sumo wrestling match and a dog fight. I really have no idea why he has it in for that boy. And you know, he'd been warned beforehand so it's not like he didn't *know* that drawing blood and trying to kill people is wrong.

I got a heap of stuff from Ebay, including some BBC wildlife DVDs at ridiculously low prices and a John Holt book. Boss very much into animals now. He's had all the African stories from DH and seeing his face whilst he watched the DVDs was a real treat - saying he is engrossed with animals does not do it justice. I'll just say this: it surpasses his love of vehicles. Yes. I almost fainted too. He's enthralled. Anyone want to do Linton Zoo sometime when the weather heats up? Never been there - anybody give me the low down?

Our obsession with Roman soldiers continues unabated too. The idea that you can legitimately hurt people and that this has been practised throughout the ages from Romans to knights in shining armour with nobody's mother placing them in the corner for doing it is empowering him. In a testosterone-y kind of way. And he keeps saying things like:

You know the Daddy lion - well he has a really big mane - you know why that is? Well that is because when his mummy shouts at him he can hide his ears and not listen to her.

Yes, I am the source of all evil. Thankyou for noticing...


At 8:53 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Not been to Linton, have been to Hamerton, which was OK. Really fancy Longleat though, not that I could bear the long journey. They have postman pat village there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 10:43 am, Blogger Qalballah said...

life doesnt get any better than THAT! Will look into Longleat then.

At 8:03 am, Blogger tammy said...

longleat is fantastic-lots to do and see. even better you can use your tesco vouchers to buy the entry tickets. Linton zoo is nice too, the animals seemed happy and they have a nice playground.


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