Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I had a really nice time this morning. I feel that this is what I have been yearning for for my kids for a long time. Nothing specific, but room for breathing and running and meeting sisters and (hopefully) circle time, coming together time. I think once they know what is expected of them it will insha'allah turn into something really dynamic. Lots of room for scope and ideas. A good starting point and a lovely venue masha'allah. Aren't we blessed to have someone who can organise such things? I didn't pay my money to whomever is taking the tab - who do I need to pay? Or shall I just pay next week i.a.?

Boss was expecting a good roasting when he got home for twonking as many kids as he did, but to be fair, he is doing it out of silliness and robustness and not genuine evil intent and I could see by the look of concern and embarrassment on his face that he was genuinely sorry (each and every time). So instead of roasting him I told him that people don't like to be hurt and he will have more friends if he's gentle and if he wants to cuddle someone he has to ask first, not jump on them or yank them by their hair. He got it. Whether he remembers it is another matter. Then I told him how proud I was for saying sorry so nicely to people, and what a big boy he was to do that. And I literally saw him stand an inch taller with the praise.

Subhan'allah. I get so used to scolding I am sometimes unaware of the effect it has on him. And he is such a good boy masha'allah. He can't help having testosterone *shrugs*. I pray that he will settle down and begin to regulate silliness with correct adab - and be aware of who will and will not allow him to invade personal space...

I am freezing.

Yesterday it snowed here and we got stuck in it midway to the car - which was good as I had intended on taking us all out to FM for a walk - good job we didn't get stuck in that downpour! Went to AWorld instead and had a great time masha'allah.

Anyone been to Big Sky? Much different or same same?

Plus, are the beaches near us pebbly or sandy? Never actually walked on the shores. Would like to start going in spring for some bracing walks. I love the sea air. Really miss it. Could make a day of it and do the castle on the way back sometime... although we are into gladiators and monkeys and lions at the moment. *Very* into who is the biggest/strongest/fastest/tallest thing right now - maleness really beginning to dig deep roots ... DH trying to teach him that real men are actually those who control anger and have noble characteristics such as patience, generosity, gentleness and are good to orphans, widows and their own family. But Boss just wants to be a mandrill and have the ability to fight lions.... oh well... slowly slowly....

Got GP tomorrow am so although I would rather goto NA I don't think it will be possible. I have never been to the Drs more in my whole life - like a revolving door atm. I should ask for my own door and parking space....


At 8:17 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

i'll take your money!

At 8:21 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

OK doky i.a. I'll drop it round sometime. Or if I forget please remind me next week - is this a weekly thing then?

At 11:33 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

Big Sky - just my opinion but GRIM awful place with a BAR of all things.
Kinda sends the message 'hey don't bother watching your kids, have drink instead...and then drive them home'

I've only been a couple of times and have managed to either loose a child for enough period of time to begin to go frantic and then find them near the front. Argh. Or have a child stuck in a 'non-reachable by adults' area.

At 7:48 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

righto. I'll just pretend that place doesnt exist then ;-)


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