Thursday, March 09, 2006

My God this PC is slow today. Anyway, still dizzy and I'm getting a little hacked off with this now. Would like to get back to health please. Really bad headaches all day and it's affecting how I interact with the children which is the worse thing...

Went to NA today. It wasn't raining but still a bit damp. No matter, for I have the Mudseeker as a boy who would find the grottiest puddle even on the niceset day anyway, so having a bit of mud around really isn't a big deal.

He ran around. I chased him as much as my head allowed me to do. Then we saw a squirrel and I told Boss he had to be quiet and to stand still to watch animals otherwise they would run away, and I was gobsmacked to see how quiet and still he could actually be! We watched the squirrel for a long time - burying his food and covering it over. Then we saw some robins and other birds. Then Boss decided he was David Attenborough and gave me a running commentary (in whispers) to what exactly was going on. Apparently, according the new documentary, squirrels are "ferocious animals with enormous teeth who bite bigger than any dog and are bigger than Africa". Right.

Then we fed the animals and one hen pecked his thumb and we had another documentary at how "ferocious" the chickens were and that if "they were veloceraptor they would hunt in packs and kill you". Lovely.

The woman at NA told me that from next term they will be charging £1.50 for the first child and 50p for each extra child. I hope they don't include Jaws in this new price banding as it will mean I will have to get my money's worth and let him crawl through the undergrowth... hm...

Whilst driving home we saw a bin lorry with it's lights flashing. Now ordinarily this would have Boss having a hairy cannipury with sheer ecstatic delight and glee, so I said "Oh LOOK - a BIN lorry", to which I am treated with a bored "Yeah"... then, "I'm not interested in Bin Lorries any more actually. I prefer dinosaurs and lions, and mandrills and baboons and tigers and chimps and gorillas.". OK actually. Sorry actually I mentioned it then. Stoopid me.

Over lunch he sat pensive and I asked what was wrong and he said, "You see that?" gesturing towards the pot garden, "that is FMs that is. See - there's the pond and there are the trees and there *develops big silly grin* there is the MUD that I play in" *grin continues unabated*.

We do some painting after a long while of not doing any. Today the colour was red-orange.

Then we observed our seeds etc and wrote our observations about the leaf colour change in the carrot in the journal.

We spent some of the afternoon dressed up and playing picnics. We cooked our "food" and arranged the picnic blanket and he informs me that he wants to have a picnic at Burghley - in the trees where people can't see us. *shrugs*

And thereafter Jaws pretty much trashed and crashed through our picnic, almost swallowing whole one piece of wooden fruit (!!) meaning picnic time was over and we read pterosaur and dinosaur books and he asked lots of questions about Romans. I think Story of the World purchase might be in order...

Playtime (in fact ANY time) is becoming a little bit more labourious now that Jaws is very mobile. Things are trashed and taken and chewed and sat on and if he doesn't get his way then he squeals with ear-shattering resonance until we either die of head pain or give in and let him trash whatever it was we were attempting to play with. It has come to a point that I have noticed that Boss now doesn't take any toys out and just wanders around aimlessly. We have tried putting Jaws in a travel cot - but no room and high squealing; we have tried reinforcing the areas that we don't want Jaws to go with cushions the weight of sandbags, but no use as he clambers over them and/or moves them. We are essentially under seige in our own house by a scheister holding us over a barrel for complete attention and toy-usage.

Geez whizz this age IS hard.

Then before bed Boss did a few more lines of his weaving before my brain almost caved in and we did not read any LW&W at all today. Hm.

Plus Jaws destroyed the play sink. It's in pieces. Need glue. Lots. May tie Jaws to a post in the garden at this rate. He could eat grass. That would be two jobs in one; if I was in Human Resource Management that would put me in line for promotion...


At 7:38 pm, Blogger milkmumma said...

subhan'Allah, you know *ALL* your problems could well come from the names you have given your children!?! ??????????????????????? ( a few more ? just to make sure i stay in the
have you considered changing them to, say, Calm and Calmer!?!

Boss and Jaws - dangerous names sister, dangerous!

At 8:18 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Well we dont call them that to their face obviously. But it was either going to be Jaws or Dyson given his speciality in riving my nipples off my body when he was born, and Boss, well in a lot of ways he is - I've redesigned my entire life around him

But if you think that by renaming them will save my sanity then I'll give it a go.

Oh wait - my turn: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beat that ;-)

At 8:45 pm, Blogger Elder Faery said...

The naming thing might be right..y'know, positive visualisation and all that. But anyway, who am I to talk? I name my boys after trees..but it is because in my imaginary real life in my head they are peaceful and sun-dappled and just gently swaying in the breeze....

At 8:54 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

OK but the naming came after the fact. It's not like I've named them "crazy ass mutha killer" or "pimp".

Boss and jaws, both names came after the reality I assure you.

Move it along people....

At 9:16 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

subi wotsit an all that...what's it mean anyway?

See you an' Boss up at the Tate next week...well sod it...if a pile of bricks 'n a phe...fer...whatever shark thingy is art then Boss in on his way...

Keep spendin' time in the mud. Trust me. When they're older they'll know. It'll mean a lot to 'em.

Hope your head's ok soon

At 11:18 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

I find Samee evicted from the front room, sat outside confused how he got there, dumped on his backside with the door shut behind him.

He's a happier bunny now he's walking but there's no way they can do any kind of construction like duplo with him around. No matter how many times they push him away, he just comes back and back and back. So they either play that stuff in their room, in the front room or at the kitchen table. It's a big bummer cos it means I am out of the equation with that kind of play, they do it and I am in charge of keeping him away. Much harder for you given there is no inbetween sibling for Boss to shut himself away with.

Next year, next year............

At 12:11 am, Blogger milkmumma said...

what, when she has another baby!?!

sorry, not funny.

Allah shifaak.amin. i am woozing and wobbling after spending hours on this comp trying to get rich. not sure it is worth it, you know.

ebay. love it or hate it!?!?!!??!

At 2:52 am, Blogger Hannah said...


bite your tongue milkmumma!!!!

ebay. hmmm. love the potential, hate the is that just life?!


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