Monday, March 27, 2006

So the clocks went forward

and everyone is all over the place with their sleep patterns. Boss is ill. Jaws I think may have teeth coming *shriek* judging by the amount of tongue waggling over his bottom jaw he is doing.

Had parents and sister down at the weekend. Presented Mum with her basket, bouquet and choccies. Boss loves the new jeans and books she brought him and keeps saying "these are my BEST books/jeans EVER - much nice than the ones YOU get me Mum"... what makes him think *I* buy him stuff???

So we tried to start our whale project with me working with only half a brain (oh wait I already had half a brain so this must be HALF half a brain.... ) tanked up on caffeine and him with snot running down his face. We read about different whales, watched a few web casts, saw the David Attenborough footage of the Blue Whale again and printed off some pictures. He cut them out and we stuck them to some sugar paper and made a front cover of (hopefully) a booklet.

Yeah I'm not impressed either, but I just hadn't planned anything and he was ill so *shrugs* that's what we got up to. Also wrote an introduction on Word.

We read another chapter of Wind in the Willows, he played with his Mein Kleine Dorf that his nana brought him yesterday and then pretended he was David Attenborough commentating on a bird. I filmed it and he watched it and wet himself. I may put it on YouTube for friends and family later once I can ascertain that no one else can see it.

Then he assed about again. I am finding this stressful. Unless he has one-on-one attention every minute of the day he is aggressive and destructive and innane. He won't entertain himself at all and I am just wondering if this is because Jaws trashes everything??


At 6:47 pm, Blogger *~H~* said...

Deb, please e-mail me that video. I'm dying to see it :P


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