Thursday, March 23, 2006

Went to NA and beautiful spring-like weather made the morning seem to fly. It was an open day there so there were more people than usual and Boss had a good time with two other boys. He even ordered various Mums around to show them ladybirds and other things of interest...

Played in the garden in the afternoon. Jaws in the swing.

Managed to clean the garden up a bit after a winter of real neglect. Need to sort the flowers out a bit more and I would like to change the end bit of the garden for Boss to dig and muck about in.

Then Boss made dens in the living room, we finished off LW&W - hurrah - and that was it.


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At 2:58 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Why'd they want your trouser zip. Don't they know how drafty that'd be??

Excellent book for Boss just came to mind if you can find a copy. Came out early 70's n called Catweazle (also Catweazle and the Magic Zodiac).


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