Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We got up

... at 10:30 today. Yeah, I can't quite believe it myself. Boss is ill and Jaws just seemed to want to sleep in. Made doing anything constructive a bit hard - everyone a bit mopey.

That said, we read further on in Wind in the Willows (WIW). Almost finished that and Boss in awe that we are reading so much and completing so much. He is proud that he has almost finished another "big" book.

Then continuing our spring theme we looked at baby chicks and discussed nesting and eggs and the like. We made a chicken, with feathers, an egg with eggshell and a chick with yellow fluff. Very good.

Then we read a book called "Cock Robin" which I had from childhood working through the seasons through the eyes of a robin, from winter through to spring, nesting, raising the young, summer and onto autumn. This stirred his interest in birds and we spent an hour or so reading another book about British garden books, pointing out the ones we generally see here, and then onto the different types of bills and feet.

In the afternoon we continued our whale project. We typed what we knew to Word - which won't print because the printer is sulking, so here it is on the screen :P

Dictated by Boss, typed by me (obviously).

We then covered the various postures in which whales can be seen, breaching, spyhopping, logging and lobtailing and watched some webcasts of it in action. Then did this to add to the overall book:

Boiled some more eggs for some craft tomorrow insha'allah and that's all we managed to do today. Much reading. Lots of cuddles.


At 10:08 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Love the chicks, n the whales look great. You draw them? Talented lady.

Gotta go. Late. Early start.



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