Wednesday, April 05, 2006

OK, Still on my DIE-et. Two oatcakes and orange juice for brekkie, green tea at lunch and some dinner about 3 or 4pm - nothing after 6pm. I can't believe I've lasted three days!

Went to the park yesterday. Today we played in the garden lots and I accidently cut the grass. I didn't mean to. I went in the shed for step ladders and before I knew it I had cut the grass and cleaned the windows and put a load of washing on the line. Great stuff. Boss said when he came in, "Mummy! You can see out of the windows now!!".... think that's what they call a backhanded compliment. Lovely outdoor day. Jaws was in the war chariot and chuckled with delight at the noise of the lawnmower - I think he thinks one day he gets to ride it. Played water in the water troughs I bought them and did bubbles quite a bit too. Just a lovely time in the garden. Best things in life are free.

Continuing the whale project we covered the Minke whale and what plankton is.

Boss informs me that "after we have done baleen whales and done toothed whales we are going to do a seal project". Right.

Ordered a killer whale DVD on my favourite little auction site and I suppose I better start scanning for seals then?

The afternoon was spent watching "NARNIA LW&W" which I had pre-ordered at Amazon. Woo hoo it came today. What a long film. I do not think I will be doing that again. Books are better but there is something about watching a film that long that messes my head up. Still, once in a while is all good stuff. Boss enjoyed it - was a bit scared of it too - the battle scene was fantastic and he managed to fall completely in awe of the rhino trashing into the opposition - his ideal role model - so that's what he did afterwards - he played rhinos.... greeeeeeeeeat. Good overcame evil blah de blah de blah, they are all crowned yadda yadda yadda, the end.

TBH I thought the queen was crap. She looked crap she acted crap and that was a huge disappointment for me. Never mind.

And that's pretty much it today. Experiencing the outdoors then experiecing our imaginations. The great indoors. He wants to watch it again tomorrow. Oh help.


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