Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Boss is still ill and coughing and spluttering in my face every three seconds. Greeeeat. Yum. Didn't do much.

Our Charlotte's Web arrived - hurrah! except not a real hurrah since I bid on it and someone gazumped me so I bid on another (and won) then someone retracted their bid on THIS one (are you still with me?) and so I won it aswell. Grr. So now I have two. Anyone *out there* want a Charlotte's Web gratis??

Anyway, Boss eagerly thumbing through the book and can't wait to start it. Looking at all the illustrations and trying to figure out the plot. Nearly finished WIW, tomorrow I'd say insha'allah and he's enjoying that too. It's nice to have children who *want* to learn isn't it? It must be very disheartening to have children who cannot be engaged.

So read another chapter of WIW and then we decorated some boiled eggs with wax crayons and food colouring. We smashed about half *rolls eyes* but he really like doing this - the colouring, not the smashing, although I think he liked that too TBH.

We continued our whale project today by finishing off the introduction and covering beached whales. He now knows what beached whales are, what a whale tail is called, the various position that whales swim in and has cursory knowledge of the fact that whales communicate through noises - baleen through low-frequency songs and toothed through a series of clicks and whistles, insha'allah we will go into this a bit more, and he knows that groups of whales are called pods - baleen preferring the solitary life. We then listened to various whale songs on the net.

The printer isn't recognising the cartridge so the whales look blood red and pink *shrugs*

Tomorrow insha'allah we will begin studying each whale in turn. Starting with the Blue and he wants to do the Minke whale after that (he calls it the Inky Whale - too much Jolly Phonics I think...)

Would like to wrap up the spring theme by making some lambs with some fabric I have and round it off by going up to the farm either on Sat or Sun to see lambs and chicks etc.

Went food shopping this afternoon which seemed to take four hours and left me exhausted. And yes the till stopped moving as soon as I started piling my food on the conveyor belt AGAIN *rolls eyes*. I am going to have to start shopping online. I can't physically do this every week. I am drained and have lost the will to live.

I'm pooped. Night kids.


At 5:52 pm, Blogger Allie said...

Hope Boss feels better soon.

Heartily recommend online food shop. We use the evil empire of Tesco, which has a very fast site - especially if you tend to buy mostly the same stuff every week like we do!

Love all that spring stuff you've been doing. Mole in WIW is a wonderful character - always loved the way he just walks out on the housework and doesn't go back for months!

At 6:17 pm, Blogger Elder Faery said...

The online shopping sounds great. It was just taking off big-time when I left Blighty, here they do not have such a thing..but if they did I'd do it.

Hope you feel better soon Debbie..even though spring is here it's also the most sluggish part of the year and I reckon we'll all be perking up a bit more soon. And thanks for all you help, by the way:)

At 6:39 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Mole sounds like an excellent role model in all respects ;-)

At 5:01 pm, Blogger naturallynice said...

beeched whales eh? I feel like one right now! I like the kids profiles!



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