Monday, April 03, 2006


I have re-started my DIE-et, because let's face it, any diet that lasts two weeks is lame. I have had stomach illnesses that last longer. My last attempt failed because I got really ill and dizzy and couldn't even interact with the real world on the level of plankton, let alone give a toss about what I *looked* like.

Well, things change, and when you see a really fat woman walking towards you and your first reaction is "What the hell is it???! What does she LOOK like???" before realising it is your own reflection in a plane of glass (actually two planes, because you are so big you just can't even get those hips in one frame anymore), you know something has to be done. This cannot go on forever. I will either explode, become a social embarrassment (more than I already am) to my kids, have a heart attack or renal failure (maybe even both) and will have to start wearing jog pants for the rest of my life. This I cannot stand the thought of. The jog pants scenario is too damn icky for my subconscious to handle. I have never been "thin" apart from when I was 22 and I went through a total skinny phase where I just didn't eat anything and I walked everywhere. I was a size 8 and weighed 7 stone. I would like to be able to not look 6 months pregnant. That would be good. I know *sigh* EXERCISE is needed for this, but the thought of jog pants has got me caving into this necessity. I look bad. You know some people have bad hair days? Well, I'm having a bad face life. I know my mother looks at me as if to say, "Where is the D that we used to know - the one that woke up with perfect make up and lip gloss? Where has the D gone that was shiny, and thin, and nice to look at?". Er, hello - I'm over HERE - two for the price of one. That's me.

So code-name 'whale project' is underway. So far today I've had two oatcakes and a glass of orange juice and some green tea. I am filling myself up with water and later insha'allah I will have a meal and not eat a damn thing after 6pm. I have heard of a diet that lets you snack on ice cubes. I'm not that low. I will stick to cardboard, I mean, Ryvita.

Talking about whales, what have we done today?

We continued our whale project by recapping what we knew. Then we read how there are mainly two types of baleen feeders - the gulper/rorqual and the skimmer. One gulps and the other, well, skims. Duh.

So we did some experiments to solidify that.

The first was to take a balloon which had lines (rorquals) on the "belly"; we placed it over a tap and filled it up. Yes, we saw the rorquals expand so we realised that gulpers need to rorquals (grooves) to allow the belly to expand in this way. He liked this experiment. A. LOT.

The grooves/rorquals expand

Then we let the balloon go and he got a look at spouting. He liked that too.

Thar she blows

So we moved on to how they eat. For the rorqual experiment we practised gulping a mouthful of water and spitting it out through clenched teeth. Once that was mastered we added some hundreds and thousands for our 'plankton' and re-did it. What did we discover? Yes, the food stayed inside the mouth where we could eat it. Very good.

Hundreds and thousands plankton - no I don't use bakery aisle goods for cooking

The skimmer - paper in a bowl and a sieve.

We wrote it all out, printed it off and stuck.

I would like to do an experiment when we move onto toothed whales with parsley, carrot pieces, a comb and some tongs. We need also to do a bit more on what baleen look like. Insha'allah might do that tomorrow and move onto the Minke which we started a bit today.

Then we did some work in our notebook - he dictated what we did yesterday and 'coloured' some pictures in. Not quite getting the 'pride in work' ethos, nor what the freaking lines are there for *rolls eyes*. We looked too at the car door seed and wrote that observation to our notebook too.

Let me explain - a tractor-trailer, a rabbit and a goat. Or if you like, a tractor-trailer, a long-ear mutha being shot through the heart and the horned King of darkness

We read another chapter of CW and whale books galore and some other story books.

For a treat he watched The Snowman on CD. Then he watched.... David Attenborough!! whilst ordering us all to SHUSH and retelling everything St. Dave said verbatim just after he said it. It was a looooooong hour.

We played in the living room and did some weaving, finishing about a quarter of it. I checked for mail (yes I always remember mail near the END of the day) and Boss was delighted to find yet another eBay present on the doorstep - this one solely about toothed whales. And we haven't covered them yet so he did enjoy it immensely.

Jaws occupied himself by doing laps of the living room whilst furniture walking. He is getting faster.... masha'allah... and now he is climbing. *SHRIEK* He keeps looking keenly up at the bookshelves on the wall and cocking his leg up as if saying "one day... you are mine". So far he has ripped the number poster, managed to pull half the arabic numerals off the wall, trash Boss' bookcase, almost pulled the curtains down. Twice. And satisfied himself by trashing the playkitchen:

Read another chapter of CW before bed and we await the curtain-call for Charlotte tomorrow.

I'm going to go nail everything down now. Bye.


At 7:02 pm, Blogger Hattigrace said...

I had a friend tell me about Callanetics. . . wanna try it?!!

Okay, truth out, it worked the first four days. Then, I must have been consuming more calories, or am a hormonal puffy mess, b/c I am just about where I was when I started.

So, I will go on the icecube diet with you this week, since I only have til Sat for the wedding!! I had some Combos today and yesterday. What was I thinking? On the road, what I eat doesn't count??!!

I take it you homeschool your children? I did that from 6th through 10th. Was a very good experience. Her testing scores soared. Found out she is ADD and being away from all the classroom distractions helped her to focus.

At 7:06 pm, Blogger Qalballah said...

Yeah I have the callenetics thing here and I will HAVE to get into it. I think with any exercise programme you hit a plateau before raising the bar. That happens, but of all the exercise I've ever tried this one kicks ass.

At 7:32 pm, Blogger 4 girls and 3 boys said...

Hee hee. You little one even manages to look mischievious from the back. D and B loved the balloon experiment to. -especially when they could fire the water at each other.

At 9:23 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Rorquals? I'm learnin' every time I pop over.

Screw size. You're one special mum. If you think there's two of you then you're two special mum's in one.

Just be you D. To quote Mr Rotten & co - 'Never mind the jog pants, here's Debs'

Found lots of blogs I like but your's is the one I always wander back too.

Don't knock yourself. Everyone's special in their own way. You particularly. Regardless of size.

Lottsa love n respect


ps - if it's really buggin' you I was 5' 7" n nearly 16 stone. Slimfast doesn't suit everyone but I lost over 2 stone in 2 months n it's stayed off (well most of it anyway). Worth a go?

Either way STOP WORRYIN'!!!! ALLRIGHT!!!

At 10:06 pm, Blogger amanda said...

Love the experiment with balloons, fantastic idea. FWIW I really enjoy your blog.
Amanda (who is'nt going to panic today!)

At 11:50 pm, Blogger Elder Faery said...

TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY cute baby. Have lost it now...his little feets and his gro suit! Don't do that serious. You is lucky girl. And anyway, it's cuddly not fat. You needed the extra for'll soon fall off when you are running around in the summer after two mobile babes xxx

At 2:57 am, Blogger Hijab Wannabe said...

I loved your experiments! You make homeschooling sound so easy! I love the idea of home schooling my kids, but have some very real fears. Any help would be appreciated!

1. How do you get them (as in the kids) to learn? Sometimes I have tried to teach my son things like even and odd numbers, phonics. He sometimes learns, sometimes wants to steer the topic in his own direction (eg. I am talking about one letter and he wants to do another) or expresses disinterest altogether. Everyone makes it seem so easy! Is there something I am missing??
2. How do you teach different levels at the same time?
3. I am afraid my weaknesses will become their weaknesses. I learned a lot of great things from my parents, but being in school enabled me to closely see different traits in other people that I admired and emulated. Isn’t homeschooling going to turn them into some kind of clone of me? I hope for them to better than that!!
4. If I homeschool, it will be myself and my two daughters in the girls camp, and only my eldest a boy. Isn’t this too much estrogen for a boy? He will be surrounded by girls all day!! My husband is great, but he does work most of the time and comes home late.
5. When in the day would I have some time for myself to recharge?

At 7:29 pm, Blogger *~H~* said...

Yes, it seems like you had a very beastly day masha'allah :)

Read me letter yet?

My word verification for this comment is: zitapku

At 8:39 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Lashin' out in temper. Not like me but they threatened LC n Jax too.

Didn't mean to upset you - s'why I came here first to say I'd done a rant.

Muslims like you are the way forward 'n I'll be in the front cheerin' you on.

For what it's worth my best mate at work's a muslim.

Love n hugs from a calmer 4D


police've got the letter. Said "What do you expect us to do?"


At 9:06 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Read me last comment in me 'comments'

Sorry babe.

Tomorrows another day...

Love n hugs

At 3:31 pm, Blogger dottyspots said...

Ahhhh - baby on a mission - LOL!


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