Thursday, April 13, 2006

Did circle time then continuing on from our measuring frenzy the other day we went on to learn the difference between length, height, depth and width then using a large book of animals we set about finding out how long and tall they were using the tape measure. He really liked that as he is always asking how BIG things are. I don't think the book was very accurate though, but it served the purpose.

We then covered the Sei (pronounced "say") whale, printed and stuck, watched web casts and saw various whales alive and dead on the net. Very good.

Using a whale size comparison table we drew a graph of all the whales we are covering. Graphs are probably a bit above his head but he grasped it immediately - after finishing it we could see which is the biggest/smallest etc. His job was to find the numbers along the axis and so it helped him to consolidate number recognition. He liked the number-finding and seeing the whale sizes turn to "pictures" before his very eyes.

Using cuisinaire rods we filled the graph with rods and answered some questions.

Ate lunch whilst watching St. Dave. He now has this down verbatim.

Made some salt doh for a whale modeling project and then read some CW.

Wrote in our notebook and added observations of our avocado seed.

Then ran around, I cleaned the house, bed.


At 12:12 am, Blogger Jax said...

After all that you cleaned? Woah. I don't clean, and I don't do the half of what you do with your offspring either.


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