Monday, April 17, 2006

It's my fault

...sorry about the rain this morning. It's my fault. I put the washing out on the line to dry and Sod's Law kicked in.

Oh well, had a nice morning outside. Got the step-ladders out of the shed at last and Boss played with the girl next door as Jaws sat in the swing for nearly three hours without complaint watching it all like a TV. Bless them.

I managed to get several jobs done and also managed to obliterate my bedroom door thanks to some new laws of physics which states what goes in must stay in. Whilst hoovering a gust of wind slammed our door shut and well, it just STAYED shut. Then the door handle fell off and I rang people for help, but luckily for me I have a very big gob and DH managed to hear my *near desperate* cries for help - sorry you nearly fell down the stairs in fright, DH. His delicate engineering produced no results so after ordering him to boot it in this is what my door looks like now:

It would have been more exciting had he screamed "OK LADS THIS IS *NOT* A DRILL - I REPEAT... THIS IS *NOT* A DRILL ... GO! GO! GO", but he didn't. Oh well booting a door in is macho enough.

I fixed Boss' curtains and then stuck some glo-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling which he was really chuffed over - grinning like a Cheshire Cat...

Had lunch and continued whale project *by hand* ye gads. Read about the Bryde's (BROO-dus) whale and wrote and drew and coloured and stuck.

Then I can't remember what we did but I'm sure it involved a lot of noise and assing about. I need to plan this weeks stuff with him. Would like to cover baleen properly as well as echolocation.


At 7:37 pm, Blogger amanda said...

We used to have a very tempremental door at our old house, I got so paranoid that I used to carry a srewdriver and pliers around with me at all times! Whale project looks really nice.

At 7:52 pm, Blogger Jax said...

they did whale spotting on balamory today.

thought the rain was my fault, for very similar reasons to yours though.

At 8:07 pm, Blogger 4 girls and 3 boys said...

Whale project is ace. Love the light in Boss's room. Very beautiful. Did you make it?

At 9:58 pm, Blogger Elder Faery said...

I am a bit wibbley about doors anyway. Generally I remove as many as possible (except the front and back doors and the one to the bathroom). There's a lot of dramatic door related injuries going fact, did you know that ever half a second someone traps a digit in the door and says "!"?

At 1:46 am, Blogger d34dpuppy said...

love tha whales!! my da took y door off 4 a month once butit wanst stuck

At 3:09 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Magic whales. You're fault I got wet then? Like the Attenborough earlier too. Sometimes have stars on my ceiling too but that's just the vodka..

At 1:59 pm, Blogger Donna said...

That light is a really cool effect. I take it that you made the shade yourself? Did you have to find special materials for it? I've covered the whole blog now, but I don't remember reading about it. My place is rented and the main rooms have spot lights fitted so I can't do the same thing in my place :-(

Good to head that the medication is helping, that you are on the up, and that the down feelings are passing more quickly. You have come so very far in a year.

In the last house I owned(ish - long story) many of the upstairs doors were replaced with concetina doors to try and reclaim some space. Didn't really work.

Best wishes


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