Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jaws update

For when I want to look back here is what the tiniest man in my life is up to:

1. Crawling is for wimps, which is what has been doing since 5 months old. Since his first commando style crawling using elbows and keeping close to the ground (must be his SAS training kicking in) we have progressed to "proper" crawling on hands and knees. This is good for two reasons - 1) it is just too damn cute to see him pad down and slap the floor with his chunky little hands and I have to refrain myself from biting him, 2) his clothes are a LOT cleaner now that he isn't the human mop boy.

2. Furniture walking was commenced at 8 months and we have now progressed to furniture circuit training, furniture marathon walking, furniture running and furniture CLIMBING. He can now get on the sofa (and off if he falls) and hurls himself over objects to get to choking hazards. He is the midget equivalent of a whippet and had he any teeth he would resemble a terrier with his ability and agility to cross the room in a flash.

3. The walker is now used for pushing whilst walking on the outside as he looks smugly over his shoulder at us as if to say "look what I can do.... you suckers are in trouble now..."

4. He talks. Yes, my genius baby talks. OK, no one understands him but he has words which we know what he means. So far we have:

ba-ba = bo-bo (sleep time)
baaaaaaaaaaa = book (put it in my gob)
baa = ball
Puh = the leapfrog frog which has one letter that says "puh" (the P if you need telling)
bum-bah = dropped it/ fallen
krrrr = a spinning top which makes that noise
mamamamama = me
he blows air at one toy which has a blow hole
he blows air to mean light - and he wants the shade to move
he also has a name for his brother
[EDIT: He also says sssssssss = snake and
makes kissing noises when you've kissed him... ah

5. He likes to pull my hair and inflict pain. A lot.

6. He loves peekaboo.

7. He still rips posters off the wall and giggles at me when I say "no"

8. I have deduced from this that he is a monkey.



At 6:04 pm, Blogger d34dpuppy said...

well in a year u can start homeschoolin him 2
heheh my v word is futoo i m sory it just makes me laff


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