Monday, April 17, 2006

Want to look at these links later on.






I am irked with word verification. It's time to let it die.


At 9:01 pm, Blogger Jax said...

the volcano is good, and we like one with a balloon, a straw and a piece of string - sort of home made rocket.

Like this

At 1:47 am, Blogger d34dpuppy said...

that stuff looks pretty fun i use 2 use my chemistry set 2 make stink bombs wqith sulpher

At 2:30 pm, Blogger 4 girls and 3 boys said...

Thanks for the links D. We are blowing things up this week lol

At 1:46 pm, Blogger Joyce said...

Since the word verification has gone, it would be rude not to comment ;-) I really like your blog - sometimes it makes me laugh, and quite often it makes me think ;-)and I always look at the links, so glad you haven't gone. My blog is no longer on the blog-ring, and is passworded (though you are welcome to have it if you want), as I got rather freaked out when someone managed to track me down via phone, from the info on my blog. Be warned though that it currently is a daily rant about my poor health, so very boring (even to me!) Oh - and having written all this to celebrate no word verification, it's still there. Oh, well, I'll do it this once :-)

At 5:26 pm, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Keep it! This one says 'pimrccei' - makes me think of gettin' wrecked on pimms.

Strange things amuse me...

'Side it stops yer gettin' spammed


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